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Specialized CLIL Methodology Expert

Ivana is a graduated English language and literature professor, who complemented her education and professional career with a master’s degree in marketing, and diplomas obtained at the universities of Chicago (USA) and Milan (Italy), where she has been living since 2011.

In the last few years, she has been working as a CLIL expert in many primary and middle schools in Italy (Institutes in Monza: Don Milano, Raiberti, Ugo Foscolo, Koine, Nazario Sauro, middle schools Fermi in Villasanta and Elisa Sala school in Monza, etc.) where she has improved its teaching techniques, designed numerous lessons with a wide variety of topics, and enabled a positive attitude towards learning English to the children of the earliest age.

In addition to CLIL classes, she actively teaches business English to Italian companies’ employees, and is also in charge of individual and group classes for children and adults.

The valuable experience gained while collaborating with Italian public schools (that were among the first ones in Europe to introduce the CLIL method), as well as the opportunity to analyze herself the effectiveness of this technique, were the incentives for the idea of transferring the theory and practice of CLIL teaching to other territories.

She has successfully passed special trainings and exams for CLIL experts (Cambridge and Pearson) and has always had a great motivation to redirect her professional career towards Serbia in order to provide the opportunity for young people from our region to be pioneers of the success of the CLIL method.

English and Polish Native Speaker

Kinga is an English teacher with over ten years’ experience of teaching in different countries. 

She obtained her teaching qualifications in Oxford, England where she lived for many years. Since then, she has been teaching general and business English to adults and children, individual, groups and online courses.

She believes in potential and uniqueness of each individual and she personalizes instruction, based on student’s needs and interests. Her approach is fully student oriented.

Italian Native

Native Italian teacher with over 8 years of experience in teaching adult students.

She completed studies of Italian language and culture at the University of Milan. She also obtained a diploma of Italian language and culture teacher for foreigners and after that immediately started teaching general Italian to both individual students and those employed at important companies in Monza Brianza region.

She used to work at a language school for six years, where she also took care of the organizational aspect of the courses and assisted the didactic director in the preparation of the course programs.

Currently, after obtaining the first level Ditals certification, she teaches general Italian to private and corporate students, both face-to-face and online. Over the years, she has worked with students of over 30 different nationalities.

German and English Expert

Lidija is a teacher of German and English. She has been working at school since 2010. She completed the academic and master’s studies in both languages, passed the teaching license exam, and obtained diplomas from DAAD University. She taught courses at the Oxford Academy (school for foreign languages). She currently works in a state high school – gymnasium and teaches online courses for children and adults.

Since she has worked in elementary school for many years, she understands well the developmental characteristics of children, and therefore knows what the interests of children of a certain age are and how to learn a foreign language more easily and quickly, without the presence of fear, stress or nervousness.

She uses the CLIL method, as well as other less conventional methods in her work, combines several forms of teaching to create a better working atmosphere, turns ordinary lessons into interesting, positive, and therefore successful, and as the outcome of such teaching, she always gets extraordinary results.

IT Engineer, Serbian Native

Aleksandar focused and improved his knowledge while collaborating with international schools in Italy and Switzerland, both regarding the system infrastructure and software platforms for online learning. His focus is also on the protection of sensitive data and privacy (GDPR).

At the very beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, Aleksandar was a member of the IT team which was admired for being the first in Europe to transfer the entire schooling to an online and hybrid form of teaching in record time and in previously untested circumstances.

Also, the same team was the first in Europe to use the virtual reality (VR) potential to establish a hybrid form of teaching.

The schools he cooperates with are:

Before he started his career in international schools, Aleksandar used to work for Zepter International in Milan. The trust he gained in this company allowed him to stand out not only professionally, but also as a philanthropist.

Aleksandar wishes to invest the gained experience into working with young people and make them understand that culture and knowledge are conditions to make the world a better place without boundaries.